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What is Collator?

Collator is an online bookmaking tool that allows you to browse a database of high-resolution images from LACMA’s Collection and make selections you can then use to create your own book. You can personalize your book by titling it, adding a dedication, and choosing your front cover. If you prefer, you can buy a pre-made Curated Title, featuring selections made by LACMA curators and others. Curated Titles also include texts about the artworks; however, at this time, the customized option includes images only.

I want to make a book; how do I start and add artworks?

To make your own book, click on Create Book at the top of the home page. This link will take you to the Artworks page, where you can view and select images to add to your book. Tap the (+) button under an image to add that work to your current book. You can also watch our Collator Video for more step-by-step information.

Can I select the images that appear on the book cover?

If you choose the “cascade” cover, an array of images automatically generated from the artworks contained inside the book will appear in an “optimal fit.” These images will dynamically refresh as you add or remove artworks from the book. At the moment there is no feature for you to choose the specific images that are used. All back covers include the LACMA logotype, which appears in glossy, clear foil stamping.

Is it possible to automatically sort the artwork within my book?

No, we have created the system to allow you to move the pages into your own preferred sequence.

Is everything I see at LACMA or in the LACMA collection available on Collator?

At present, nearly a thousand artworks from the LACMA collection are available on Collator and more are being added continuously. However, many well known and beloved works in the LACMA collection are not yet available here.

Why? Our ability to add an image to the Collator platform is determined by two main criteria: copyright and image quality. Many works—especially Modern and Contemporary art—are under copyright protections that restrict how, when, and where the image is reproduced. Meanwhile, we want your Collator book to be a beautiful and enduring addition to your library. Only works that have been documented with superb, high-resolution photography are available on the service. For this latter reason, you may find that even works in the public domain are not yet available on Collator.

But remember, Collator is brand new. As more people use it, the more we will know what artworks are being searched. As we discover what you want to see on Collator, we'll be able to seek permission to add copyright-protected works and commission new high-resolution image files. As a member of the beta community, you are making your voice and your choices heard simply by using the site.

Why can’t I find works in the curated titles to add to my own book?

Due to copyright restrictions, certain works are only permitted for use in specific pre-made publications.

What are the minimum and maximum number of pages?

The minimum length for a customized Collator book is 24 pages; the maximum is 288 pages.

How much do collator books cost?

Collator books start at $18.95 for a 24-page paperback book and increase from there. For a complete pricing chart, please see our Pricing.

How long will my book take to arrive?

We aim to ship your book out within 14 days of your order being placed. Please allow an additional 3–5 days for it to arrive.

How can I check the status of my book?

You will receive an email when the book ships with a tracking number so you can track its progress.

How are the books shipped?

Collator uses courier services UPS to ship books to your desired destination. We currently shipping to the US only. We will provide a tracking number for your order. Collator is unable to deliver to a PO Box or to multiple addresses within the same transaction. Please ensure you have provided a delivery address where someone will be available to sign for delivery during business hours. Shipping prices do not include any administration or handling fees. For more information, please see our Terms & Conditions. Please note that our products are printed and shipped from our print partners in the United States and this may affect handling fees.

Can I cancel or change my order?

Each book is unique and therefore it is not possible to cancel or change a book after an order is placed.

Can I order more than one book?

Yes, you can order up to five copies of a book.

How long will my book remain on collator?

Once you create a book you have a year to order a printed copy. After a book is ordered, it will be saved until the account owner deletes it. However, if you do not log into your account for a year, your account and all books associated with it will be deleted without notice. You can delete any unwanted copies by clicking the delete button next to your book. This cannot be undone, so please be sure you delete unwanted books only.

Can I reuse an old book?

Your previously created books can be found under My Books.

Once you place your order for a book, no changes can be made to that order. However, the layout of that book will still be available to view. While it may appear that you can edit or alter the layout to your book, any changes you make after you press "Complete and pay order" will not be reflected in the book you receive.

You may order another copy of the same layout or edit the existing layout to create a brand new book.

How do I order an another copy of a book I created?

Find the book you want to order by selecting My Books from the drop-down menu under your name and the profile icon. Select the book you wish to order from the options shown. Follow the prompts to place your order. You may change the shipping address and payment method during check out.

How do I create a new book using a book I already created?

Find the book you want to alter by selecting My Books from the drop-down menu under your name and the profile icon. Select the book you wish to alter from the options shown. The layout will appear on screen.
- Make changes to the layout, such as adding and subtracting artworks or moving pages.
- If you want to change the title, edit it by clicking on the icon next to the title.
- If you want to change the dedication, edit it by clicking on the icon next to "Edit Dedication."
- When you are happy with the new layout, click the Order Book button.
- You will be prompted to select a cover and can review the dedication one more time.
- Follow the prompts through check out.

Can I see what books i ordered?

Yes. If you log into My Order, you can see your previous purchases. If you want to order additional copies, please go back into your Collator account and go to My Books. Every book you have created will be listed there. You may see multiple copies of the same or similar book. You can tell which books you have ordered by going to the My Order page.

What is the replacement policy?

We endeavor to deliver a satisfactory product to you that is free from defects. If any product arrives damaged or defective, please notify LACMA via email to within ten (10) days of your order being delivered to you. Please include your order number in that email message and, where possible, attach a digital photograph as evidence of the defect or damage. For more information about our replacement policy, see our Terms & Conditions.

How do I contact collator?

You can contact Collator via email at and someone will get back to you as soon as possible during regular business hours on weekdays (except all major US holidays). You can also leave suggestions and offer feedback by filling out this . For press inquiries: Please email all press-related correspondence to This email is for press inquires only.

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